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General questions

All you need to know about our upcoming launch.

We are planning of launching the Shopify integration in Q2/2024. Unfortunatelly we can not tell you a specific date, yet. Sign up as a beta tester to not miss the launch.

Yes, we are planning to create a full documenation.

That's us, Sredny and Felix, two friends that both low as well as Shopify. Find out more about us here.

As you might know there is an "integration" in the CatalogueThis is only a webhook setup, though. That means you will have to create a webhook campaign for every single event coming from Shopify yourself!

In addition webhooks are not as save as APIs if you set them up correctly.

We are convicted this is nothing you as marketeer should have to do or care about.

Getting started

Ready to go? Get your answers about how to get started with our integration.

Once published, you can simply search for "" or "Stringbridge" in order to find our app.

Simply go to your Workspace settings in and get the API credentials. Paste these credentials to Shopify - and that's it!

Features & roadmap

Find out about the features we plan to integrate to the Shopify app.

We want to start simple with a newsletter signup synchronisation. That will include the sync of all consent status between and Shopify.

Once the POC is done, we are planning to sync all events that you need for cart abandonment campaigns, back in stock messages, product reviews and so on.

Since we know every tool has downsides we also want to launch an integration between and an business analytics tool, e.g. Looker or Mixpanel and creates dashboards for you in these tools.

Unfortunatelly there are no campaign templates yet in, so we also plan to create videos and step-by-step instructions on how to set up every Shopify related campaign and other stuff like DOI campaigns.