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Get the most out of Shopify with

Combine two state-of-the-art tools to grow your ecommerce business with any channel.

Shopify and Ingetration that synchronizes data and events via an API.

See what features we want to launch

We already planned some initial features and created a roadmap with a lot to come.

Realtime Synchronization

Use all Shopify data in instantly

We will sync all events and changes of people data in realtime, so you can set up lifecycle campaigns on all channels like email, sms, or mobile:

  • Newsletter signup
  • Order placed
  • Order status change
  • Fulfillment status change
  • Stock status change
  • Checkout started
Realtine synchronization of events, people and other data between Shopify and
Realtime Snychronization

Analyse message activity collected by in Shopify

Consent status updates such as email DOI or unsubscribes will be sent back to Shopify in order to keep it the source-of-truth:

  • DOI status change
  • Unsubscribe status change
  • Preference updates
  • Opens & clicks
Initial Synchronization

Work with historical data in

We will import events triggered in the past as well as stored customer information to 

  • Purchase history
  • Consent status
  • Personal information
  • Back-in-stock signup

Our commitment:
We provide an intuitive, flexibel, no-code integration

We want to be as intuitive as Shopify and as flexibel as In case you still need our help, we thrive to provide an excellent customer support.


Hear from people we worked with

Don't trust us - trust our previous work mates. See what they have to say about us:

Sredny was working as a Fullstack Developer for us. He has great logical thinking and always delivered clean code. Trust me, he is really good at what he's doing!

Rafael Peréz - CTO Autolab
Rafael Pérez

CTO at Autolab

Working with Felix is always inspiring. He comes up with new ideas every time and implements them in no time!

Luis Castillo - COO of Polymath Ventures
Luis Castillo

COO at Polymath Ventures

In the few months I led Felix, I found an eager, technical, scalability-minded guy, passionate about his work and automation. Highly recommend him.

Roman Hudges - Head of CRM at Rappi
Roman Hughes

Head of CRM at Rappi

Why should you use

Never heard about the message automation plattform? Here are some insights:


Create in-depth segments based on all customer data and events. You can even use JSON to segment.


View all activity such as events of customers in one single place.

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Use a wide range of channels:

  1. Email
  2. Push notification
  3. Internal Slack messages
  4. In-app messages & browser notifications
  5. SMS & WhatsApp via Twilio
  6. Webhooks

>> Learn more about channels

No need to learn a new scriptiong language. uses Liquid as does Shopify.

>> Learn more about Liquid

Create messages in different languages without creating new campaigns with the localization feature.

>> Learn more about Localization

Flow control

Set up a/b tests, use tiles such as random-split or wait branches. All you need is there.

Data access

Use all your data to control the flow in every step. No restrictions at all.

Control changes in drafts

Hold back messages with "drafts" to doublecheck changes.

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Fast and reliable customer support via email and chat (premium feature).

Detailed documentation which is always up-to-date.

Active community to ask questions and exhange insights. message automation plattform Logo
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